Brett Ronson III
Mutant Ronson
Character large image test
Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
Real Name Brett Ronson III
Alias Mutant Ronson
Age Unknown
Super Power Has another head, Tentacle hands

Charming, handsome, philanthropic New Eden City founder Brett Ronson III really is too good to be true. Despite the fact that he is passionately all about ridding the city of mutants, Ronson himself is actually one of the most hideous mutants there is! In his mutated form, Mutant Ronson has a second head, known as his Mutant-Head, with which he converses when talking to himself, as they are of one mind. Ronson will not rest until he puts an end to all mutants, whether by curing them or destroying them

Brentt ronson3

Brett Ronson III partially mutant


In the original outline, his name was Eil Fisher III.

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