The Brute Squad
Brute Squad
Type Mutants or Robots
Known Members Unknown
Special Equipment Powered Armor Suits, Stun-baton
Super Powers None

The Brute Squad are Brett Ronson's personal enforcers. Unlike the New Eden Police, these guys are fanatically loyal to Brett Ronson III and carryout his more brutal assignments. They are equipped with powered armor suits that make them tough and capable soldiers.

Suits with unpainted shoulders are regular Brute Squad troops, while red-colored shoulders indicates an officer. The first officer seen was call a Captain.

Man, Machine or MutantEdit

Originally, they where going to be mutant men in robotic armored suits, but they have been shown in the cartoon as possibly being androids when only wires and sparks fell out of them when attacked. This was likely done to keep the show from being too violent. Many cartoons use robotic henchmen for this reason.

In the first episode - Beneath the City - a nameless Brute Squad Officer saw Brett Ronson turn into a mutant beast, in which case his life was threatened if he revealed what he seen, and he reacted to the treat and strong-arming as a human would. This Officer also talks like a normal human being - if rather thuggish. Afterwards, regular Brute Squad troops have shown being robotic units. This could be written-off as the regular troops are just robots with limited comprehension, and a human is required to supervise their actions.

In the original source material[1], they are described as "Masked, mindless mutants", but should be noted that there have been a lot of minor changes since this series bible was used to pitch the series. This was likely dropped, as Fisher/Ronson has been shown to hate anything that has been mutated - including himself.

Recruiting humanoid mutants would make sense, as they have no opportunities in New Eden City, and would likely be deported to Stankville, where life is a daily struggle for survival, so becoming a mindless thug to a megalomaniac would be a small price to pay to escape a hopeless fate.


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