Dark Materia
Character large image5
Voiced by Beverly Ann Myers
Real Name Unknown
Alias Dark Materia
Age Unknown
Super Power Fly
unleash blasts of Zevonic energy from her hands

Dark Materia is Stankfoot's magnum opus - a technological feat he has been unable to recreate. She is not technically a mutant, but a sentient being created from pure Zevo energy. Being composed of pure energy, Dark Materia can levitate or fly, as well as unleash blasts of Zevonic energy from her hands. She can also build up Zevonic energy in the form of a glowing sphere, then detonate the energy all at once, with explosive results.

Dark materia1

Dark Materia

Even though she was created by Stankfoot, she resents being controlled by him and actively schisms to be rid of him. The only thing keeping her from succeeding, is the intervention by Stankfoot's more loyal henchman Blacktop.

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