Ellie Martin
Character large image2
Voiced by Kari Wahlgren
Real Name Ellie Martin
Alias Elastika
Age 15
Super Power Prehensile hair

More than either of her Zevo-3 teammates, 15-year-old Ellie Martin just wants to be a normal girl. Well, not completely normal - she did have the pink hair before she ever became Elastika. She is also the older sister to Matt (A.K.A. Kewl Breeze)

As Elastika, in addition to super-strength, resilience, and flight, Ellie has prehensile hair: She can use her hair to grasp, lift, and manipulate objects of just about any size, sort of like tentacles or pseudopods. When used in this way, her hair has far greater tensile strength than steel, and a great deal of elasticity. She is also seems to have a love interest in Jason (alias Z-Strap), and was given her powers when her hair was in contact with the Zevo compound.

Skechers MascotEdit

Elastika was originally designed by Skechers to highlight a set of shoes with an elastic band instead of laces.

For the most part, she is the same as the cartoon, and the only real difference are superficial changes to make the the cartoon version less "girlie". The notable differences are a hood that cover most of her head save for a pair of pigtails, no gloves, more pronounced emblems, and a little pink skirt. Unlike the cartoon, she uses her elastic hairbands as pseudopods instead of prehensile hair.


Notes about the stat card:

STR = Strength, AGI = Agility, STA = Stamina, and INT = Intelligence

This card notes that Ellie/Elastika is mostly average, with her best stat being intelligence (being below Kewl Breeze), and her worst being Strength (which is also worst on the team).

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