Career Week 3
Real Name Edward Mason
Alias Luminator
Age 46
Super Power Eye lasers, Flight, Telekinesis
Career Week 2
Luminator A.K.A. Eddie Mason, is a new superhero for Zevo-3. His Powers are firing green lasers, flight, and has night vision. He looks like a middle-aged man. He want's to show New Eden City that all Mutant are good has the believed to be and protest against Ronson at ANY COSTS! since he knows he's a mutant in disguise. His family are mutants his wife and his daughter, Luara L'brawn

Skechers MascotEdit

At the commercials the original design is that the Luminator is a young boy who have to stop a villain from darkness. In the commercial he faces an evil robot similar to Captain Gantu. His battle cry is "Luminators Go!"

In the mini-comic by David & Jennifer Skelly, The Luminators are a team made-up of Galactron (Thomas), Amp (Kalani), Tesla (Xiao-Xing) and Watt (Raymond). Their rival is an evil alien warlord called The Under Overloard.

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