The Luminators are a team of galactic superheroes from from the David & Jennifer Skelly comic of the same name. When they are not fighting evil in space, they are normal teenagers from Manhattan Beach, California. Their boss is an alien named Telstar, and their primary Villain is a galactic despot called The Under Overloard. The team is made-up of:

Galactron (Thomas) who is the team leader. He is able to control gravitational fields (although, this could easily make him the strongest of the team, as he could circumvent weight, by neutralizing it!)

Amp (Kalani) is the strong-guy of the team, and handles most situations with blunt-force.

Tesla (Xiao-Xing) both the chick and the brains of the team. Her name (Chinese for "Morning star") suggest that she is ether of Chinese descent, or her parents have an affinity for Asian cultures. She can fly faster then light (over ‎671 million miles per hour!).

Watt (Raymond) is the runt and lancer of the team. What he lack in strength and stature, he makes up for his ability to manipulate the elements.


  • Amp's codename is based on the ampere (A or amp), a unit for measuring an electric current, named after French mathematician André-Marie Ampère, who is considered the father of electrodynamics.
  • Tesla's codename is based on the Tesla (T), a unit that measures the strength of the magnetic field, named after the famed Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla, best known for developing the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.
  • Watt's codename is based on the watt (W), a unit of power, named after the Scottish engineer James Watt, who's steam engine brought about the Industrial Revolution.
  • Unlike the other teammates, Galactron is not named after a unit of measuring power, nor or a physicist-inventor. In physics, "G" denotes gravitational constant.
  • The only cartoon They’re in are commercials.
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