New Eden City
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The New Paradise on Earth
Name: New Eden City
Type: Metropolis
Notable Inhabitants: Angel Jones, Brett Ronson III, Cotilla Vasquez, Ellie Martin, Florence Cara, Grams, Jason James, Matt Martin, Sagacity Acumen, The Martins

New Eden City was built after the disaster that turned Footville into the toxic wasteland it is today. The effort to build and beautify the city was largely do to the vision of Brett Ronson III, who runs the city.

Life in New Eden City is idyllic. Vary low crime rate, no pollution, excellent institutes of learning, and great architectural design and aesthetics. For most, life is perfect. If they only know the city's dark secret. In Ronson's goal to make New Eden City the flawless jewel of the world, he would crush anything or anyone that gets in his way. His company is a powerful mega-corporation that controls the media, the police, owns most of the business in the city, and even maintains a private army. There have been mutant attacks and a near-fatal outbreak, but these events have been suppressed by Ronson's straw-man media outlets.

Recently, the city has been nominated to host the Olympics.