Pretty Tall
Pretty Tall

Real Name

Priscilla Newman



Hair Color

Blue(Streaked Blonde Yellow)


Pretty Tall



Voiced by

Andrea Bowen

Priscilla "Pretty Tall" Newman is a tall (for her age and gender), good-natured fourteen‐year‐old girl with blue and blonde yellow streaked hair. Her one true passion is ballet, and she has been a ballerina for years. Some say she's too tall for it, but she dose not get discouraged, and she is determined to fallow her dreams of becoming a world renowned ballerina. She, along with Sporty Shorty, once helped Twinkle Toes get over her crippling stage fright to enter the prestigious Performing Arts Academy.

Early on in the story, Priscilla skittishly reveals the reason for her unusual height: over the past few months, she had an unexpected growth spurt, making her bigger than the other girls there.

Pretty Tall is unrelated to the cartoon, Zevo-3. (Although, she could be among the many nameless students of the High School.)

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