Dr.Stanley K. Foot
Character large image4
Voiced by Mark Hamill
Real Name Dr.Stanley K. Foot
Alias Stankfoot
Age Unknown
Super Power Mutation-inducing foot fungus, noxious foot odor
"I maybe crazy, but I'm not stupid!"

Formerly the brilliant and respected physicist Dr. Stanley K. Foot, scion of the wealthy and influential Foot family, Stankfoot was wildly mutated physically and deeply twisted mentally by the laboratory accident that caused Zevo Event One. Now he is given to paranoid delusions, and is far more concerned with revenge than with unlocking the secrets of the Zevo Compound he discovered.


Dr.Stanley K. Foot being transformed by the Zevo Compound

While he is arrogant and evil, he does care about his creations, particularly Blacktop and Dark Materia.

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