Stankville (formally Footville)
"If you stay here too long, you'll might grow something new!"
Name: Stankville (formally Footville)
Type: Ruined Superb
Notable Inhabitants: Stankfoot, Dark Materia, Blacktop, Flying Pigg-Men

Stankville used to be Footville - named after it's founder Dr. Stanley K. Foot - before a lab accident at Foot's Lab that turned it into a toxic wasteland. It is now a ruined landscape on the outskirts of New Eden City. It is only inhabited by horribly mutated creatures and people. Because of these treats, the inhabitants of New Eden City shun Stankville. Ronson considers Stankville a blight to his plans for a "perfect city", so he actively plans to remove this "blight" regardless of who gets buried under the demolition. Somewhere within Stankville, Stankfoot maintains a well-defended hideout in his old laboratory.

Most of the humanoid mutants in Stankville live in small groups for mutual survival, and many of them hold no allegiance to Stankfoot.