Caroline Mengalson
Snapshot 52
Voiced by Tara Strong
Real Name Caroline Mengalson
Alias none
Age 13
Super Power Healing

The Mengalsons are a family of human mutants, who live in a rundown motel in an old part of Footville. Brett Ronson III tried to tear down their motel during a major renovation of Footville, but his plan was thwarted by Zevo-3. The family includes:


George and Beatrice in the background

George Mengalson is the patriarch of the family, who is a green slime mutant, wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

Beatrice Mengalson is George's wife, who is a tentacled, worm-like mutant, with a pink dress and headband.

Granny is George's mother and grandmother to his kids, when the Zevo Compound mutated the family, she was fused into the floor and gives the appearance of a green shag rug with a face.

Caroline Mengalson is the daughter of George and Beatrice, and the older sister of Thomas and Thomas. Of all the Mengalsons, she is the most unique, as she is she seems the most humanoid (not counting her tail, pointed ears and green coloring) and she is able to heal any injury (but not always completely). She is very polite and grateful for Zevo-3, when they saved her home and family. Matt developed a crush on Caroline the moment he saw her and from what is seen in her appearances so far, the feeling appears to be mutual (in both her appearances, she gave him a kiss on the cheek).

Thomas and Thomas Mengalson are the twin sons of George and Beatrice. They are round purple, ball-like mutants with short arms and long legs. They both appear to be very immature and goofy.