Bug and Bobby

The Moloks are a group of mutants who were fused to parts of the Footville Subway System by the Zevo Compound. They live underground and act quite primitively. Known members includes:

Bug is a green mutant, with crab-claws for hands, who lives in Stankville and is the son of the leader of the Moloks. He is a skilled parkour artiest, and a loner who left the Moloks some time ago. After being forced to help Z-Strap and Elastika to find Kewl Breeze, he returned to the Moloks. Now he is an ally to Zevo-3. He has a crush on Ellie Martin.

Bobby is a small blue mutant with metallic limbs and helmet. He and Bug share a "Big-Brother/Little Brother" relationship and he seems to relate to Kewl Breeze. At first, all he could do was make the sound of a subway stop signal, but thanks to Grams and Matt, he gained the ability to speak.


The name "Molok" is based on the Morlocks form H. G. Wells' 1895 novel The Time Machine, who were a malformed and cannibalistic race of subterranean humanoids. But their situation as mutant outcasts, seem to have been based of the Morlocks from the X-Men comics.

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