Jason James
Character large image
Voiced by Bryton James
Real Name Jason James
Alias Z-Strap
Age 16
Super Power Transform into metal and metal manipulation and fly

For 16-year-old Jason James, "question authority" isn't just a motto, it's a daily necessity. He's suspicious of every move city founder Brett Ronson III makes, no matter how benevolent it seems to be...and so far, he's found an ulterior motive every time. As Z-Strap, Jason can also transform all or part of his body into living metal, with all the attendant properties of whichever metal he chooses. He can even fire metal spikes from his hands and transform his limbs into various simple metallic weapons and tools. Eventually, with concentration he can change his entire body into mercury and flow through or around obstacles as "Liquid Z-Strap." Although he has an unestablished love interest is Ellie Martin, he also has a romantic interest in Luara L'brawn. He got his power from the Z-Atrix which is full of Zevo Compound. He lives in a boathouse with his Grandma, and attends school at Brett Ronson III High.


As Jason JamesEdit

He is a light skinned black teenager with shoulder length dreadlocks and a red bandanna. He wears a red-orange shirt, black and red stripes wristbands, grey sweatpants and white sneakers. 

As Z-StrapEdit

When he's Z-Strap, he's mostly red. He has a metal collar, a gray Z on his chest and a red Z on his mask. He has red pants and and red shoes. He also has his dreadlocks coming from his mask.

Skechers MascotEdit

"Super Z-Strap" was originally designed by commercial designer John Massé for a brand of sneakers by Skechers. The character was made to highlight the shoe's ecclesiastic straps, which allows for them to be fasten without having to tie them like laces.

Unlike the cartoon, the unmasked Z-Strap mascot appears like a rather ordinary Caucasian boy with fair skin and sandy brown hair. His only known power is to project ecclesiastic straps to swing with or to ensnare enemies. These straps appear around his arms, legs and torso.



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